Frequently Asked Questions

What are the class sizes at The HUB?

Class sizes range from one-on-one to 6-8 members, depending on the needs of the class and member.  Larger group activities can include up to 25 members.

What is the age range/grade of members at The HUB?

Members may start at 14 in our High School program. Our Post Graduate program is appropriate for young adults of college-age up to mid-thirties.

On what is the curriculum based?

Our academic content follows the Texas State standards as a minimum.  We use a project based experiential approach to learning. Teachers are committed to researching and using a wide variety of educational and instructional practices that include the latest tools and information to meet individual member's learning objectives. 

What are the tuition/fees?

We have a variety of programs for High School aged students and Post Graduate members, full-time and part-time. Please contact The HUB directly to discuss the tuition/fees for each program.

Do you provide transportation?

The HUB does not provide transportation.  However, carpools are available.  

Does The HUB have an open campus?

The HUB is a closed campus, although we do offer many opportunities to leave campus for day trips, group projects, community service, and overnight trips.  

Is The HUB an accredited High School? 

Achieving accreditation is a rigorous process by which a private school is audited and must adhere to certain requirements on governance best practices, financial transparency, curriculum quality, student safety, and staffing. While we adhere to all of the requirements for accreditation, it was a decision of the Co-Founders and Board of Directors to forego the costly fees involved in the accreditation process, and dedicate our program budgets to the individualized quality curriculum we provide our High School and Post-Graduate Students.


How does this affect my child's post-graduate options?

All graduates from The HUB interested in pursuing a higher education will follow the same process all individuals do when applying to colleges or trade schools; or other options such as working in a job that requires a High School diploma. 


If you wish to visit The HUB please contact us at 346-701-1714 or to schedule a tour.