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The HUB Houston is a non-residential educational organization serving the neurodiverse community in Houston and surrounding areas.  Located in Spring Branch, The HUB offers three distinctive programs for young adults from High School through Post Graduate ages.

The HUB offers a safe environment in which our Student Members are able to socialize, develop friendships, enhance relationships, and benefit from interactions through community service and group support.

High School

High School

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Group pic at end of school
Michael & Cam with Snow
Art Car Set-Up
High School - A community-based educational program using a hands on approach with an emphasis on a project based high school curriculum. Our Student Members are invited to “do the work” of belonging through a distinctive personal and relational curriculum called the Journey of Belonging.

Faculty believe belonging to a community is at the heart of learning. The HUB aspires to be a welcoming, joyful center where interactive relationship practice is central and where each Student Member is accepted and cherished just as they are.  At The HUB, social relationships will flourish, academic growth will continue, and professional and employability skills are taught and practiced.


Faculty work with each Student Member to develop their own Journey of Belonging plan to commit to practicing growth in the areas of competence, independence, care, and membership.

The HUB High School schedule is August- May, Monday through Friday, 7:30AM – 2:30PM.

Life 101

Life 101

Adie, Hunter, Blaze, Maya
Wendy, Daniel, David
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Daniel, David, Wendy
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Wendy, David, Daniel
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Life 101 – A bridge for recent graduates who continue to work and build upon academic goals as well as learn new skills for employment, socialization, and community inclusion.

Life 101 offers our individual Journey of Belonging plan and membership in Club HUB.

Our program schedule is flexible to fit individual Member needs. We have various full-time and part-time options. Please contact for more detailed information. 

Life 101 Campus, 5237 Dow Road, Houston, TX 77040

What will I do and learn in Life 101 at The HUB?

  • Employment Assessment & Evaluation

  • Resume writing classes

  • Interview Practice with local employers

  • Roundtable discussions

  • Job application assistance

  • Personalized Employment Portfolio

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Transportation planning

  • Self-care

  • Study skills

  • Time management

  • Problem solving

  • Communication guidelines

  • On-site tours of companies

Employability Program
Employability Program

Our Employability Program provides professional leadership to our Student Members who are seeking a path to gainful and meaningful employment. In order to achieve success, our goal is to harness the energy and develop the skills of our neurodiverse Student Members and provide the support and training for each to reach their greatest potential.

Our Best Practices Methodology provides our Student Members with the tools
necessary for success in the workplace.

  • Setting appropriate expectations for each Student Member based on individual skill levels

  • Delivering the developmental tools along with opportunities for Competitive Employability throughout all industries

  • Providing support services, such as résumé writing classes& interview skills workshops

Road to Employment

Our journey begins with individualized evaluations necessary to ensure realistic and attainable goals are set, and expectations are met. Our outcomes are determined by the success of our Student Members and their road to employment. Our program will provide the tools for each Student Member to reach their fullest capabilities.

Dedicated HUB Career Center

  • Skill Assessment

  • Employability Profile

  • Appropriate Dress/Hygiene for the Workplace

  • Interview Processes and Practices

  • Volunteer/Intern Opportunities

  • Job Support/Shadow

  • Competitive Employment

  • On-Going Job Coaching Support and Employer Communication

Our corporate and community partners include Starbucks, Smith & Associates, St. Christopher’s Resale Shop, Society for the Performing Arts, Urban-Aquatics, Mod Pizza, Da Camera of Houston, and Blessings in a Backpack.

For more information, please contact us at 346-701-1714 or email:

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Aspire Accessories

The HUB Houston is proud to add another outstanding program to our Employability offerings for the neurodiverse community. Aspire Accessories is a work transition program that grew out of the need of one parent to find equitable and meaningful work for her Autistic son. The program provides a solution to what is known as the “services cliff” - the result of our neurodiverse population aging out of supported services in school-based environments.

Aspire Accessories’ mission to inspire and empower neurodiverse individuals to reach their full potential is inline with the philosophy of The HUB and we are excited to join forces and make an even more impactful difference in the workplace.

Our program schedule is flexible to fit individual Artisan’s needs. We have various full-time and part-time options. Please contact for more information.


Visit our website at to view and order items our Artisans have made.


Aspire Accessories, 10694 Haddington Dr., Ste. C, Houston, TX 77043   -   713-461-7200

Club HUB

Club HUB

Club HUB Astros 2
Club HUB Spinning Class
Club HUB Astros 1
Club HUB at REN Fest 2018
Club HUB – A traditional social group providing afternoon, evening, and weekend social engagement opportunities for young adults. Through a balance of input from Members and Staff, Club HUB creates a relationship-based community.  

Club HUB offers flexible membership options to meet individual needs. Activities are scheduled:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

5:00PM – 8:00PM

Plus one weekend outing each month.

Club HUB, Life 101 Campus, 5237 Dow Road, Houston, TX 77040

What fun things happen at Club HUB?

We plan a variety of activities each month with Member input planned around the activities available in Houston. Some of the options we have enjoyed are:

In the Community:

  • Renfest

  • Movies and dinner out

  • Trips to City Center and Memorial City Mall

  • Overnight at the Houston Zoo

  • Trips to Piney Shores and Galveston

  • Art Car Parade

  • Work out at The YMCA

  • Mad Potter pottery class

  • Professional sporting events

  • Comic-Con

  • Community Service

  • Miller Outdoor Theater

  • Dave & Busters

  • Mini Golf

  • Go-Karts

  • Roller Skating

  • Christmas Market

  • Pool Party

  • Formal Dance

At The HUB:

  • D & D, group Mine Craft, YuGi Oh, Magic the Gathering

  • Board games and community meals

  • Old time video game night

  • Halloween party

  • Woodworking

  • Karaoke night and talent show

  • Movie and dinner

  • Book club

  • Cooking

  • Tie-Dye

  • Card games

  • Guys / Girls groups

  • Yoga

  • Lan Party

  • Outdoor sports and games

  • Sewing

  • Picnic in the park

  • HUB Olympics

  • Family Night

Summer Options

Summer Options

We offer several camps and outings to Members during the summer. These are created and organized by HUB faculty and reflect the diversity of our community. 

Past Summer Offerings

Member Life

Member Life

Formal Dance Fun

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Renaissance Festival

Camp For All

Houston Astros Community Outing

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