“I gathered passionate people together to create something wonderful, and here we are helping the next generation share their voice with the world!” - Colleen Russo

Meet The Team


Colleen Russo

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Kipp W. Baxter

Director of Development

and Marketing


Julie Pomerantz

Director of Admissions

and Outreach


Choo Saik Yeoh


Faculty Mentors


Melanie Krause


Club HUB Crew


Board of Directors

Kelley Hodges
Michelle Hunt
Craig Barnhart
Rob Eppolito
Patti Everitt
Vice President
Aditi Chokshi
Sharon Buckle
Colleen Russo
Executive Director

Advisory Board

Leland Ackerley
Michelle Bohreer
Richard  "Dick" Bartell
Dr. Neal Sarahan
Dr. Marty Webb

Founding Partners


We are forever grateful to Kelley and Jason Hodges for their patronage and commitment to The HUB Houston since its inception. They generously purchased the property we now call our Campus and they continue to support in many ways as demonstration of their confidence in and advocacy of our mission. Our journey has been blessed with outstanding people, not the least who are the Hodges. We are honored and proud to call them Founding Partners, because without their generosity, we would not have the beautiful space we occupy today.