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The HUB Mission


The HUB Houston is a relationship-centered educational program serving teenagers and young adults with neurological differences. We bring belonging to life in a community where members are Heard, Understood and Believed in.  

The HUB Vision

The HUB Houston envisions a world of belonging for all.

The HUB's Story of Resilience 
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Our Story
Our Team, Our Members, Our Story
Testimonials About The HUB Houston

The Journey of Belonging

Members are invited to “do the work” of belonging–of reaching full contribution in community– through a distinctive personal and relational curriculum called the Journey of Belonging, which coexists with and is embedded throughout programs in academic and professional competence.


Proprietary Curriculum

The Journey of Belonging curriculum believes that for individuals to flourish they must balance between “I” and “We” elements of belonging and contributions.  The resulting four goal areas are competence, independence, care, and membership.  The holistic growth across dimensions is what it takes for Members to lead lives of deeper fulfillment, connection, and contribution.


Individual Coaching

To take each individual HUB Member on a tailored growth journey – in community with others – requires deep coaching expertise.  Coaching is The HUB’s unique method for delivery of Journey of Belonging, which goes beyond teaching to provide support & challenge, reflection & iteration, and guidance & accountability. 

Current Reviews

Current Reviews


Donna and I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all the time and effort you’ve invested in Daniel. He is doing really well right now. He left his full-time job at FedEx because the hours were unreliable and it’s not air-conditioned in the summer. He was able on his own and without help from his brother to get a full-time job at Amazon paying $15 an hour with benefits.
It is interesting to me to see that he can do all the things that people said he was unable to do. He is working a full-time shift 10 hours a day four days a week, on his feet all day, in a space that’s pretty noisy, and is able to do everything that everyone else is doing in his work group without special help.
In no small part it’s all the special attention you were able to give Daniel through the years, and the training he got at Monarch and The Hub that has enabled him to successfully launch himself into the Neurotypical world.


I know you’re always looking for successes in all the kids that you mentor, and I thought you’d like to know that Daniel is one of them.
Thanks again for all your help
-Donna & Michael"

“As always, the HUB team has been a lifesaver to our family during this very difficult time. We would not have made it without your creative and selfless dedication to maintaining contact with each and every one of the kids! Thank you all so much!”

-Vicki L.

“I am so glad and grateful that you and the staff continued the education and persevered though this pandemic for our kids.  This change had a big impact on all of us, especially for the kiddos.  I know Daniel struggled with online classes, but there were numerous times he looked forward to signing on and engaging with his classmates and teachers.  These times really show how resilient and brave our kiddos are. A BIG THANK YOU and SENDING LOTS OF LOVE.”

-Jessica Y.


“Thanks so much for another amazing year. Though all of life's twists and turns, it is a huge blessing to have you and The HUB be part of our lives. As we go forward, it is a source of confidence and comfort that your love, care, and mentorship have helped us grow the Bram we know.  He's an amazing dude, and I feel lucky to have you as part of our adventure.  On we go!”

-Aksel Q.

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When you purchase through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates to The HUB Houston, Inc.

The HUB Houston does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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